A master weaver uses a horizontal loom to weave Kente into cloth. Producing a single piece of Kente cloth requires our skilled weavers to commit a minimum of 120 hours, or three weeks of painstaking craftsmanship


After the creation of a Kente cloth, the subsequent stage involves the skilled artisans crafting handmade items. The duration of this process varies according to the project'sintricacy, with an average completion time ranging from 3 to 6 days.

Inspection & Delivery

Each piece is inspected to ensure quality levels. Once cleared, items are sent out for delivery which ranges between 5-10 days depending on location.

noteworthy Facts

  • Kente weaving originates to the 11th century, but it didn't truly rise to prominence until the 1700s.
  • Two men stumbled up a spider weaving a web (Anansi the Spider Folktale) & decided to replicate the pattern into cloth to gift the King. The king loved the cloth so much he mandated it to be worn mainly by royalty and for special events.
  • It takes between 100 to 700 hours to weave Kente cloth depending on its design
  • All the weaving is done by hand on a horizontal loom
  • There are more than 350 patterns used in Kente weaving.
  • Our employees receive compensation that is 2 times the minimum wage in Ghana.