Our Mission

We are driven by a profound mission to honor the vibrant culture of Ghana, elevate the extraordinary talents of our local artisans, and foster economic empowerment within Ghana. At the heart of our mission as an esteemed Ghanaian luxury brand is an unwavering dedication to empowering local artisans and the communities they belong to.

CEO & Founder

I'm Kwame Sarfo, the proud Founder & CEO of Obrempong Home! My journey is one of passion, purpose, and unwavering commitment to making a difference.

My journey has been nothing short of incredible. I've had the privilege of being featured on television alongside renowned celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres & Steve Harvey. These experiences have not only been personally gratifying but have also allowed me to amplify our mission on a global scale. Obrempong Home was born from a dual mission— to share the rich culture of Ghana with the world and to provide meaningful employment opportunities for talented artisans in Kumasi.

Thank you for being a part of this story, and together, let's continue to make a positive impact, one thread at a time.

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Brief History of Kente Cloth

Africa is known for its rich and colorful elements of culture including music, art, food and textiles. One of our most amazing textiles is the kente cloth, which is also one of the most intricate fabrics to weave in the world.

The word “kente” means “basket” in the Akan dialect and has grown to be the designated name of the cloth which the locals themselves know as “nwentoma” or “woven cloth.

As the story goes, two young farmers, Ota Karaban and Kwaku Ameyaw, were inspired on a hunting trip by a spider (Anansi the Spider Folktale), weaving its web. The two replicated the design onto cloth and presented it to the Asantehene Osei Tutu, the first ruler of the Ashanti Kingdom, who adopted it as a royal cloth, to be worn only at special ceremonies.

There are more than 350 patterns used in kente weaving. It takes anywhere between 100 to 700 hours to complete a cloth depending on its pattern. These patterns are formed by unique methods of intertwining the threads of various colors.

Kente Color Meanings

The importance of Kente cloth colors lies in their deep symbolic meanings. Kente cloth serves as a visual language, conveying stories, traditions, and societal roles, making it a powerful and cherished cultural artifact.